PiPho visits the 7 Lakes of San Pablo

March 17, 2012
Text by Jovi Ong

[singlepic id=222 w=500 h=333 float=none]PiPho Group Hug at Pandin Lake.
Photo by Regie Fernando

San Pablo, Laguna – Pinoy Photography Organization (PiPho) with support from Olympus through its distributor, Red Dot Philippines, embarked on its first official photo trip of 2012 to the seven Lakes of San Pablo. Leaving early (3am) from the metro, the 37 PiPhols in the convoy of 5 vans/cars reached Sampaloc Lake before sunrise. Sampaloc Lake is the most commercial of all the lakes of this city in Laguna with establishments and infrastructure around it. Just after sunrise, joggers, bikers and people could be seen trickling into the area enjoying the view and fresh air.

[singlepic id=221 w=500 h=333 float=none]PiPho Group Hug before at Shell Magallanes before leaving.
Photo by Regie Fernando

[singlepic id=220 w=500 h=333 float=none]Sunrise at Sampaloc Lake, San Pablo City, Philippines
Photo by Jovi Ong

After a quick breakfast at a nearby Jollibee, we went off to the next lake, Mohicap Lake. To reach the edge of this lake, the group had to go down a steep trail which ended in a small lakeside strip. This is one of the toughest lakes to shoot as although there were plenty of things of interest, the strip was tough to maneuver in especially with at least 20 other photographers shooting. This is where we first encountered the people who live at the edge of these lakes. They are quite friendly and you can enter their bamboo lake homes and platforms by just asking for their permission (with a smile of course!).

A brief downpour delayed the trip for about 20 minutes. We were quite lucky that the rain stopped and luckier still since the rain brought with it cleaner and brighter photos! After Palakpakin and Bunot Lake, we went to Kalibato Lake which required a 15 minute hike from the dirt road.

[singlepic id=223 w=500 h=333 float=none]PiPho Group Hug at Pandin Lake.
Photo by Edwin Karganilla
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We then stopped for some lunch at the Clyde Josh Restaurant back at Sampaloc Lake. We were able to try some Tilapia/Milk Fish (harvested from the lakes) and they were definitely fresh and tasted sweet!

[singlepic id=224 w=500 h=333 float=none]Floating rafts at Pandin Lake
Photo by Jovi Ong
After lunch, we went on to Pandin Lake, the best lake for swimming! After a 5 minute easy hike from the dirt road, we reached the Pandin Lakeside managed by the local Barangay. They charge a cheap Php 150.00 for some time on the wide balsa/rafts (up to 10 people) paddled to the middle of the lake. There you can enjoy some buko juice or go swimming in the fresh and clean lake! The wind and water was very refreshing and swimming is definitely a great activity after all the sweat from the photography and traveling.

The 7th lake, Yambo Lake, was accessible by a short but steep trail from the other side of Pandin Lake. The Balsa/Raft could bring you to the path and after the brief climb, you could see the Yambo Lake below.

PiPho at Yambo Lake

After swimming and some dinner, we finally went back home to the metro arriving at around 10pm. A productive and successful 19 hour photo trip! Although tired from the trip, the PiPhols all enjoyed the nature trip and the group bonding as well.

The PiPhols also enjoyed the Olympus PEN cameras that were very kindly loaned to us by Olympus. The various in-camera effects were the most talked about feature of the PEN cameras producing excellent photos on the spot! The shoot definitely convinced quite a few of the strength of the Olympus 4/3 system.

See you at the next Pinoy Photography photo trip! More power to PiPho and to Olympus!

You can view the photos by the participants at http://www.pinoyphotography.org/forum/index.php?topic=99583.msg1073757#msg1073757

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