#PiPhoTrese Top Posts

A compilation of the unforgettable Facebook posts of 2018.

  1. Shooting Mayon.At the start of 2018, news of Mayon volcano erupting soon were making headlines.

    Source: https://www.facebook.com/PHIVOLCS/posts/1431973000244927

    Some of the PiPho Org members were brewing a photo trip to capture this event. But due to some unexpected events, the group ended up just shooting just this.

    Group hug with Mayon.

  2. Signature Group Hug.It seems this is becoming a signature group hug for PiPho, which is with a photo bomber.

    Group Hug at Pantabangan Dam

  3. Virac Sunrise.Catanduanes has a Type II climate. This means that it has no dry season with a pronounced rainfall from November to January. With our limited stay in the province, we’ll be lucky to have a good sunrise. And luck there was one night while in Virac.

    Shooting Virac Sunrise at Night

  4.  Team Catanduanes.That despite the challenges during the photo trip, the group still enjoyed Catanduanes.

    Group Hugs in Catanduanes.

  5. Awarding of March MPC Top Winner, Rizza Singun.Although already based outside the country, Rizza continued to participate in the monthly contest and was able to top the March contest.

    Congratulations Rizza?

  6. Mt. Pulag Trip.Still considered as one of PiPho’s destinations to catch the sea of clouds, and the Milky Way.

    At the Ranger Station

  7. The Year of the Drone.This is the year when several org members have already joined the drone war. This includes Jovi?

    Drone shot inside Tiendesitas?

  8. Monthly Photo Contest Judging.The regular monthly photo contests, where the org invites people to judge the entries for the month.

    No copying please.

  9.  After Meeting Meeting.

    One round of beer before heading home.

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