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Monthly Photo Contest Result for February 2018 “Still Life – Food Photography”

Theme: “Still Life – Food Photography”
Date: February 21, 2018
Venue: Jonas BGC, The Fort Strip, Taguig

Monthly Photo Contest Results:

1st Place – Jom Jayo

2nd Place – Russ Dela Cruz

3rd Place – Jom Jayo

4th Place – Ariel Gitana

5th Place – Erick Dantoc

Photo Contest Result for Sagada OTS

OTS Sagada
Date: March 16, 2016
Judges: Nes Santiago, Froi Rivera & Jovi Ong
Venue: Jonas BGC, The Fort Strip, Taguig

OTS Photo Contest Results:
1st Place – Zer Cabatuan


2nd Place – Ralph Licerio


3rd Place – Jom Jayo

4th Place – Rizza Nicca Singun


5th Place – Zer Cabatuan


PiPhol’s Choice – Rizza Nicca Singun


Photo Contest Result for Chinese New Year OTS

OTS – Chinese New Year
Date: February, 2015
Judges: Larry Piojo, Edwin Tuyay & Ricky Ladia 
Venue: Jonas BGC, The Fort Strip, Taguig

OTS Photo Contest Results:
1st Place – Rocel Dantoc

web_ots cny_01_rocel

2nd Place – Faith Ngo

web_ots cny_02_faith

3rd Place – Jeff Dytuco

web_ots cny_03_jeff

4th Place – Norman Cunanan

web_ots cny_04_norman

5th Place – Rocel Dantoc

web_ots cny_05_rocel

PiPhol’s Choice – Rocel Dantoc

web_ots cny_01_rocel


Chinese New Year OTS

PiPho Chinese New Year Group Hug

Last February 8 (Monday), Pinoy Photography Organization (PiPho) welcomed the Year of the Monkey with its first On-the-Spot (OTS) photo contest* and photowalk for 2016. It was done during the celebration of Chinese New Year in Binondo, Manila.

Binondo served as a photographic haven last Monday for PiPho members with its rich texture, color and bountiful stories found at every corner of the place —— from the sidewalk vendors, the makeshift lions of street children dancing to the beat of empty bottles and buckets, to several groups of street dancers breathing fire out of their mouths.

The photowalk, headed and organized by PiPho members Erick Dantoc and Rocel Dantoc, started from Sta. Cruz Church at 9 in the morning and ended around the busy area of Ongpin in the afternoon. Both PiPho regular and probationary members walked around the animated streets of Binondo, capturing the lively celebration of the community. The group was able to capture a myriad of scenes, from the colorful patterns made by different objects to the most anticipated lion and dragon dances. The group was even lucky to witness a dragon manned by 100 people during the parade of Manila mayor, Joseph Estrada.

By 11:30, the group proceeded to Sincerity restaurant along Yuchengco street for a hearty lunch of oyster cake, kikiam, asado and Sincerity’s best-selling fried chicken. Afterwards, the group dispersed to various areas in Binondo again to continue their photowalk and to conclude the day’s activities.

Indeed, it was a good way to kick off the Year of the Monkey!

*The On-the-Spot photo contest will be judged and awarded on February 17 during the first monthly meeting of the organization.

PiPho X

PiPho is celebrating its 10th year anniversary. A gathering of the PiPho members thru a decade of learning, sharing, and enlivening our passion in photography. Come and join us this November 28, 2015 at SM Mall of Asia’s Music Hall.


PiPho 10: Marinduque!

Pipho 10: Marinduque!

April 9-11, 2015

Marinduque and Maniwaya Island, Philippines

by Jovi Ong


The Pinoy Photography Organization Camera Club (PiPho Org) on it’s 10th year

travels to Marinduque for a photo trip and also for one of our yearly OTS (On- The-Spot) contests. As per usual, the schedule is tightly packed, starting quite early (or late) with a meetup at 11PM to drive to Dalahican Port in Lucena to catch the 4AM RORO (Roll-On/Roll-off) Ship (Montenegro Lines) going to Marinduque Island. We brought along 4 cars with us on our trip to get around in Marinduque; the cars “rolled” onto the ship via “drawbridge style” ramp.’

The RORO experience was the first for me (and for most of us). We were supposed to rest during the trip but with quite uncomfortable plastic benches, most of us just took photos of the ship and the sunrise instead. We arrived at Balanacan Port in Marinduque at around 7AM; most still without sleep, but all ready to go!



Our first task was getting to Luzon Datum located on Mt. Mataas in Barangay Hinanggayon, Mogpog. It is the primary geodetic reference or origin of all geological surveys in the Philippines which means all maps and surveys made in the country use the Luzon Datum as the reference point. The rough roads towards the starting point of the hike were too difficult for our cars to navigate.

We eventually decided to hire a jeepney with higher suspension (and no shock absorbers and other parts underneath it to worry about) to get us there!


What was supposed to be a 30min hike to the top became more than an hour! Clearly our itinerary maker, mountaineer and club member EdwinK did a number on us! The trek was worth it and I’m kind of glad EdwinK “fooled” us. However, I’m never going to believe guides when they say things like “it’s very near already” and “it’s just around that corner” ever again.


Luzon Datum was marked on a rock originally found on site. A nice monument was built around it. The view from the top was astounding! We could see the cove where our RORO ship docked (northwest) and over to the other side (northeast) you can see two beautiful white sand beach islands beside each other!

6 7


After the grueling trek (without sleep or breakfast), we found our way to Boac town were we had lunch (our first meal for the day) and checked into Boac Hotel. We scheduled some time for a powernap then off we went to Laylay Fishing Port for sunset!


The next morning, we shot some portrait photos of a Morion who we scheduled and discussed with the day prior. Ryan is one of 200+ Morions who march around town during the Moriones Festival on Holy Week. Ryan is truly dedicated to his calling and his role as one of the Morions. He refused to act comically while in costume (as it should be) and also did not want to carry a shield (his brother’s) because he said his character really did not carry a shield! It’s great to see and meet people like Ryan who is really involved in their own local traditions and practices.


We then shot the Boac Cathedral which was perfectly lighted by the morning sun before heading off for our road trip around Marinduque Island.



We were running late on our tight schedule so we had to prioritize our options. In Gasan we stopped by the Gasan Municipal Hall and then the Beautiful St. Joseph the Worker Church. Along the scenic but less zigzag route from Buenavista to Torrijos, we stopped along the road to shoot from afar the now closed Bella Rocca Resort (a posh resort that closed down probably because of the closure of the airport on the island). We also stopped to shoot kids jumping into the water along the coast.


Marinduque Island is a very hilly and mountainous island. The roads were built onto the mountainsides making them prone to landslides. The major thoroughfare is along the edges of the island most likely due to it being difficult to make roads cut across mountains. At Torrijos, we had lunch then went to Gabisan Pottery and the Poctoy Torrijos Livelihood Association both in Barangay Poctoy. We unfortunately had to skip going to Pulang Lupa Historical Park due to time constraints. We got back on the road towards Buyabod Port in Sta Cruz for our 4PM appointment with the boat going to Maniwaya Island.



30 minutes from Marinduque is the beautiful white sand beach island of Maniwaya. We stayed at the Residencia De Palo Maria along the beach. The resort had a heated pool and had affordable food prices and room rates! We shot our sunset photos along the beach then had socials after dinner (what we call drinking time!). The next morning, we went island hopping; first to this super awesome sandbar! A thin strip of sand in the middle of nowhere! The waves near the sandbar were a tad dizzying due to them coming from different sides! We then passed by the Ungab Rock Formation on Mongpong Island before heading back to the resort to pack up.

14 13


We headed back to Marinduque to have some lunch and go to the port to catch our RORO back home. We had much difficulty but eventually found our target for lunch: Lola Ambo’s Crispy Pata (palomares corner burgos street) in Sta Cruz! Lola Ambo’s is actually just a takeout place (actually just a normal residential house). We took the crispy pata to a nearby restaurant (restau d’ rusti) where we were served the crispy pata together with other food.


We reached Balanaca Port at around 2:30PM for ample allowance time so as not to miss the Montenegro lines RORO ship leaving at 4:00PM. Upon reaching there, we were rushed through the RORO process (by the port staff) to be able to get on an earlier 2:30PM trip (starhorse shipping lines)! We were happy we made it despite all the dazed rushing (me being the last to get on the ship) as it saved us a good hour and a half! This ship however was smaller and the cars were parked on an open deck, exposed to the corrosive salt water. The seats in this ship though were plastic lounge chairs, definitely much more comfortable than the plastic benches in the Montenegro Lines ship.


We reached Dalahican Port in Lucena at 6PM and drove our way back to Metro Manila (having some kaldereta goat stew for dinner along the way). I got home at exactly 11PM, a full 72 hours from the start of our photo trip! Talk about maximzing time; a full 3 days and 2 nights! Truly a tiring but fun, tight scheduled and jam-packed Pinoy Photography Organization Camera Club signature trip! Until next time! More power to PiPho Org on its 10th year! #pipho10

The Pinoy Photography Workshop Series: Portrait and Glamour

On its tenth year, the Pinoy Photography Camera Club (PiPho) will be holding a series of workshops throughout the year. The first one is “The Pinoy Photography Workshop Series: Portrait and Glamour” which was held at 205 Santolan by Rockwell Clubhouse in Quezon City last April 25, 2015. Commercial photographer and PiPho founder Regie Fernando gave a seminar on lighting and professional glamour photographer Benson Golong gave a short talk on how to pose and converse with your models. The workshop participants did a guided model shoot after the talks.


Mandatory group hug with the participants, models and sponsors.

Mandatory group hug with the participants, models and sponsors.

PiPho Camera Club would like to thank the following:

Speakers: Mr. Regie Fernando and Mr. Benson Golong
Sponsors: Fujifilm and Lightroom Corp. (Benro/Tamron)
Models: Miss Jennifer Bolinao ( and Miss April Lopez (
Make Up Artist: Allyson Azarraga
Pipho Org Camera Club officers, members, and of course, all the participants


workshop participants listening to the speaker

workshop participants listening to the Regie Fernando as he present his slides.

paricipants in action

participants in action with Benson Golong

paricipants in action

Shooting time!!!



 Jennifer Bolinao

April Lopez

April Lopez