July Update

June 19 -Thank you to our judges – Iya Forbes, Mykehl Angelo Hanopol Casem, and the speaker of the night, Karen De La Fuente, for sharing your time and expertise at the June MPC meeting of Pipho Org Club.

PiPho’s monthly meeting venue is at Commune Cafe + Bar, located in the bustling area of Poblacion, Makati. If you want to drop by and observe or if you want to join the club, just shoot us a message!

June Theme: All About Music

Judges: Cecilia Forbes, Michael Angelo Casem and Karen De La Fuente

5th Place: Homer Pialda

4th Place: Rocel Zamora-Dantoc

3rd Place: Edwin Karganilla Jr.

2nd Place: AJ Duran

1st Place: Jeff Dytuco

Check out all the Top 12 entries here.

June 1-2: Overnight in Corregidor Island to shoot the milky way.

PiPho with the Milky Way, and Battery Hearn.

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