About the Org

In June 26, 2005, PiPho www.pinoyphotography.org online forum was born & founded by photographer Regie Fernando. PiPho, as popularly known, is an online photography community that caters Filipino photographers all around world.

PiPho Org or the Pinoy Photography club comprises of professionals, businessmen, artists, and professional photographers the photography club of PiPho. The club member regularly meet every third Wednesday of the month.

Local Trips:
1. Mt. Pulag: March 7-8
2. Intramuros, Manila: Huawei X PiPho: May 12
International Trip: Hong Kong (Nov. 21-24)
Photo Exhibit:
1. New Perspectives: An Aerial Drone Photo Exhibit at Tiendesitas: May 4 to 24, 2019.

Local Trips: Baler, and Catanduanes
International Trip: Taipei – Taichung – Chiya County, Taiwan (Nov. 17-21)
Photo Exhibit:
1. Independence Day exhibit at Tiendesitas: June 2018

Local Trips: Calayan Island, and Lucban
International Trip: Osaka – Kyoto, Japan (Nov. 17-22)
Photo Exhibits:
1. PiPho Travel Exhibit in Glorietta: April 8
2. PiPho Travel (in cooperation with Ortigas Company) “travels” to Tiendisitas, Estancia Capital Commons, and Greenhills. The club’s longest running exhibit to date as it ran for 3 months (1 month at each location). #OnCPiPho: June to Sept 2017.

Local Trip: Sagada, Marinduque, and Bacolod
International Trip: Chiang Mai, Thailand (Nov 13-17)
Photo Exhibit:
1. PiPhoTRVL 11th anniversary photo exhibit: Dec 6 to Dec 17 @ Venture Space PH

Local Trip: Taal Town, Siquijor, and Dumaguete
International Trip: Taipei, Taiwan
Nifty Fifty Photo Contest: March 7, 2015 in Intramuros
PiPho X Pro Talk event: March 28, 2015 at Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons
10th year anniversary: November 28, 2015 at SM MOA
Photo Exhibit:
1. PiPho X Exhibit: March 16 to 29, 2015

Local Trip: Banaue
International Trip: Bali, Indonesia
Photo Exhibit:
1. For the 9th Time: November 26 to December 10, 2014 at The Jewellery, Greenhills Shopping Center

Local Trip: Pulag, and Laguna
International Trip: Hanoi, Vietnam (Sept. 21-25)
Photo Exhibit:
1. 8th Anniversary Celebration Exhibit: September 28 to October 5, 2013

Local Trip: Laguna 7 Lakes, Banaue, Baler, and Real, Quezon
International Trip: Cambodia (Sept. 20-23)

International Trip: Taiwan (Nov. 18-23)

PiPho has contributed a big role in the maturity of digital photography in the Philippines today. It provided a new horizon to picture loving people, and made it as their modern venue to learn, share & enliven their passion.

Mission & Vision

Both the Org & Forum shares the same vision that is to “Learn, share & enliven your passion”. It is a straightforward slogan, four meaningful words for the improvement and enlightenment of Photography. The PiPho website was put up to provide a new way of sharing ideas, a portal for different kinds of photographs as well as a pastime site not only photographers but to ordinary people who loves to see stunning photographs. The Organization’s mission is to give members a challenge and discipline in improving and maintaining their love for photography. These mission & vision are here to give PiPhoLs the best Community and Org and share it to the generations to come.

Company Profile


SEC registered non-profitable organization
Founded Dec 2005
Founding Chairman: Regie Fernando
Co-founded by:
-Bien Gutierrez
-Ricky Santos
-Rolly Avecilla
-Kix Santos

2019 Officers
Erick Dantoc – President
Russ Dela Cruz – Vice President
Nix Ramirez – Secretary
Joey Sy – Treasurer
Rocel Dantoc – Social Media Manager
Eric Villenas – Monthly Photo Contest (MPC) Chair
Jom Jayo, Jeff Dytuco, Norman Cunanan – Directors

2018 Officers
Gello Esguerra – President
Erick Dantoc – Vice President
Zer Cabatuan – Secretary
Joey Sy – Treasurer
John Ronquillo – PRO
Gilbert Niverba – Monthly Photo Contest (MPC) Chair
Aljames Dacanay – Assistant Monthly Photo Contest (MPC) Chair
Arwin Palac – Photo Trip Leader

2017 Officers
Edwin Karganilla Jr. – President
Homer Pialda – Vice President
Joey Sy – Treasurer
Eric Villenas – Monthly Photo Contest (MPC) Chair
Russ dela Cruz – Photowalk Organizer

2016 Officers
Zer Cabatuan – President
Norman Cunanan – Vice President
Rizza Singun – Secretary
Joey Sy – Treasurer
Gello Esguerra – Monthly Photo Contest (MPC) Chair
Jom Jayo – Assistant Monthly Photo Contest (MPC) Chair
Jeff Dytuco – Photowalk Chairman
Willie de Vera – Photowalk Assistant
Edwin Karganilla – Social Media Head
Erick Dantoc – Social Media Head
Rocel Dantoc – Social Media Head

2015 Officers
Jovi Ong – President
TJ Manalo – Vice President
Joey Sy – Secretary/Treasurer
Norman Cunanan – Monthly Photo Contest (MPC) Chairman
Gello Esguerra – Assistant MPC
Edwin Karganilla Jr. – Phototrips Chairman
Homer Pialda – Phototrips Assistant
Larry Sy – Business Development

2014 Officers
Ralph Licerio – President
Joey Sy – Vice President
Jovi Ong – Secretary / Treasurer
TJ Manalo – Monthly Photo Contest (MPC) Chairman
Edgar Gabriel – Assistant MPC
Romz Lopez – Assistant MPC

2013 Officers
Larry Marbella – President
Ralph Licerio – Vice President
Jovi Ong – Secretary / Treasurer
Joey Sy – Assistant Secretary / Treasurer
Geebee Casiano – Events Chairman
Joseph Tan – Monthly Photo Contest (MPC) Chairman
TJ Manalo – Assistant MPC

2012 Officers
Vernes Go – President
Zer Cabatuan – Vice President
Jovi Ong – Secretary / Treasurer
Geebee Casiano – Events Chairman
Ralph Capulong Licerio – Photo Ops Chairman
Homer Pialda – Monthly Photo Contest (MPC) Chairman
MPC Committee Members:
– Joseph Tan
– Cito Mariano
– Joey Sy
– Jeric Mariano
– Mon Corpuz
– Orlando Ninon
Willie De Vera

2011 Officers
Aids Tecson – President
Zer Cabatuan – VP Operations
Edwin Martinez – VP External
Edwin Karganilla – VP Internal
Melvin Esteban
Patrick Ong
Michael Angelo Tito – Treasury Adviser
Jovi Ong – Secretary
Dinno Sandoval – Contest Chairman
Mon Corpuz – Social Media Awareness

2010 Officers
Mon Corpuz – President
Kharen Mae Santia – Vice President
Arvigyne Ferrer – Secretary
Michael Tito – Treasurer
Vanessa David – Auditor
Zer Cabatuan – PRO
Dinno Sandoval – MPC
Business Managers:
– Adrian Tecson
– Babeth Yllana
– Jeric Mariano
– Joseph Leh
– Karl Orteza
– Regie Fernando
– Dave Deluria
– Raffy Yllana
– Vernes Go
– Deo Patalinghog
– Willie De Vera

2009 Officers
Dave Deluria – President
Karl Orteza – Vice President
Ann Francisco –  Secretary
Vernes Go – Treasurer
Adrian Tecson – PRO
MPC Committee: Mon Corpuz, Zer Cabatuan, Arvi Ferrer

2008 Officers
Deo Patalinghog – President
Dave Deluria – Vice President / Secretary
Vernes Go – Treasurer
Babeth Yllana – Auditor
Karl Orteza – PRO
Orlee Ninon – MPC Committee

2007 Officers
Raffy Yllana – President
Deo Patalinghog – Vice President
Dave Deluria – Secretary
Vernes Go – Treasurer
PARC Cruz – Auditor
Ron Adriano – PRO
Orlee Ninon – MPC Committee