Last Month Recap

February 20 – Vince Tanching, one of the three judges for the month, is from Nikon Philippines. He talked about the new Nikon Z-series. The second judge, Cris Magsino, shared a few pointers on shooting landscapes. The last judge was Dennis Murillo.

#PiPho14 February Meeting

February Theme: Amazing Landscapes

PiPhol’s Choice: Jeff Dytuco

5th Place: Jom Jayo

4th Place: Jeff Dytuco

3rd Place: Rocel Zamora-Dantoc

2nd Place: Jeff Dytuco

1st Place: John Ronquillo

Check out all the Top 12 entries here.

March 7-8 – Shooting star trails, milky way, and sunrise in Mt. Pulag.

#PiPho14: Mt. Pulag

At the Ranger’s Station

#PiPho14 at the summit of Mt. Pulag.

At the summit.

More photos here.

Starting #PiPho14

January 20 – First monthly meeting for #PiPho14 at Jonas Pares, BGC with Urban Prose Manila. Urban Prose Manila promoted the Rarindra Prakarsa Photography Workshop, and their new photography products (Leofoto Tripods, Magmod, and H&Y Magnetic Filters).

#PiPho14 January Meeting

February 1 – PiPho X PictureBooks PH. This year’s photobook at PhotoWorld Asia 2019, showcasing photos from the club’s members. Thank you PictureBooks (fb: picturebookph)!

#PiPho14 x PictureBooks PH

February 8 – Baler, Aurora road trip of some of the club’s members.

#PiPho14 Baler Road Trip

2019 Monthly Contest Themes

February: Amazing Landscapes
March: Daily City Life
April: Patterns (Black and White only)
May: Warmth
June: All About Music
July: Backlit
August: Three Colors
September: Reportage
October: House of Worship

#PiPhoTrese Top Posts

A compilation of the unforgettable Facebook posts of 2018.

  1. Shooting Mayon.At the start of 2018, news of Mayon volcano erupting soon were making headlines.


    Some of the PiPho Org members were brewing a photo trip to capture this event. But due to some unexpected events, the group ended up just shooting just this.

    Group hug with Mayon.

  2. Signature Group Hug.It seems this is becoming a signature group hug for PiPho, which is with a photo bomber.

    Group Hug at Pantabangan Dam

  3. Virac Sunrise.Catanduanes has a Type II climate. This means that it has no dry season with a pronounced rainfall from November to January. With our limited stay in the province, we’ll be lucky to have a good sunrise. And luck there was one night while in Virac.

    Shooting Virac Sunrise at Night

  4.  Team Catanduanes.That despite the challenges during the photo trip, the group still enjoyed Catanduanes.

    Group Hugs in Catanduanes.

  5. Awarding of March MPC Top Winner, Rizza Singun.Although already based outside the country, Rizza continued to participate in the monthly contest and was able to top the March contest.

    Congratulations Rizza?

  6. Mt. Pulag Trip.Still considered as one of PiPho’s destinations to catch the sea of clouds, and the Milky Way.

    At the Ranger Station

  7. The Year of the Drone.This is the year when several org members have already joined the drone war. This includes Jovi?

    Drone shot inside Tiendesitas?

  8. Monthly Photo Contest Judging.The regular monthly photo contests, where the org invites people to judge the entries for the month.

    No copying please.

  9.  After Meeting Meeting.

    One round of beer before heading home.

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A President’s Farewell to 2018

By: Gello Esguerra (PiPho 13 President, 2018)

When I accepted the president position back in 2017, I was not confident that I was up to the task as there were big shoes to fill. For me, the task seemed (at the time) such an undertaking to lead a group of talented photographers for a whole year. Little did I know that being president would color my year in ways that I never would have imagined. Here are some photos that I believe captured the fun and inspiring year of PiPho 13 (#PiPhoTrese) where we “Enliven our Passions” to the very best.

Here is just one of our regular monthly MPC (Monthly Photo Contest) meetings wherein you get inspired just seeing the rest of the Org’s photo submissions. I secretly wait for the contest entries of my idols Erick Dantoc (2018 MPC Champion) and Jeff Dytuco (2018 MPC 1st Runner Up) just so I can be inspired and learn a thing a two from them.

Learning is not limited to members sharing their tips and tricks, but also our judges. Here’s one of my favorite moments of the year where our judge Power Pee teaching us a few things about Toy Photography

We support each other when our founder, Regie Fernando, was invited to speak at Photoworld Asia 2018. Someone had to be there to take his photo. ๐Ÿ™‚

Road trips are an important part of the PiPho Official Calendar. This year, we started with a road trip to Baler, Aurora.

Spending time with each other during the road trips, we often form friendships which take us to more places. Here, we have the awesome guys of “Team Di Nag Yaya” breaking off from the official calendar and creating their own side trips to shoot more. (Photos from their Pangasinan, and Treasure Mountain trips below.)

With this group, photo opportunities come up when you least expect them so you always need to be ready. Here, we have the guys from “Team Biglaang Yaya”, who decided on a whim, went straight to Mt Pulag to shoot the Milky Way.

Exhibit with Tiendesitas was also a memorable one for 2018. We were able to share our passion outside the group for Independence Day.

Photo trips are not limited to land trips. PiPhoTrese takes to the skies and explored the untapped Catanduanes province for the group’s annual local plane trip.

Not everything happened smoothly this year. We had to change destination for our annual international plane trip; but boy we’re not disappointed. Exploring a different side of Taiwan, we ended up in Taichung, and Alishan National Park. Here are my favorite photos from the trip.

So, a HUGE thank you to the 2018 officers and members of PiPho Org. Time flies when you are having fun with everyone in PiPho.

This is Gello Esguerra (PiPhoTrese President) signing off.

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Monthly Photo Contest Result for September 2018 “Social Issues (Mobile Only)”

Theme: โ€œSocial Issues (Mobile Only)โ€
Date: September 19, 2018
Venue: Jonas BGC, The Fort Strip, Taguig

Monthly Photo Contest Results:

1st Place โ€“ Erick Dantoc

2nd Place โ€“ AJ Duran

3rd Place โ€“ Erick Dantoc

4th Place โ€“ Erick Dantoc

5th Place โ€“ Erick Dantoc

PiPhol’s Choice โ€“ Erick Dantoc

Monthly Photo Contest Result for August 2018 “Exactly Eight”

Theme: โ€œExactly Eightโ€
Date: August 15, 2018
Venue: Jonas BGC, The Fort Strip, Taguig

Monthly Photo Contest Results:

1st Place โ€“ Ralph Licerio

2nd Place โ€“ Jeff Dytuco

3rd Place โ€“ Erick Dantoc

4th Place โ€“ AJ Duran

5th Place โ€“ Jom Jayo

PiPhol’s Choice โ€“ Jeff Dytuco